XO – 1

Brand: Schonbrunn

Dimensions: 120 x 150 x 6 (cm) (H x W x D)
The XO – 1 has a beautiful tone despite being the smallest model out of the 3 models of Schonbrunn pianos that we carry. XO - 1 is under the Crown series of pianos with soundboards imported from Germany and carbon fibre action. Together with the XO – 126, these 2 models are excellent options for pianists looking for a softer and warmer sound. 
Integrated slow-fall device

More Info

Soundboard Imported from Germany
Hammer head High quality German FFW felt which allows for a richer sound
Action Designed based on the study of the British Langer, German Renner and Japanese action designs; combining the strength of each of the designs. Made usin
Wood Specially treated with a dehumidifying process to ensure that it is durable to changes in temperature and humidity