Lowrey Music School

Lowrey Music School was established in 1980 and started off with the sales of organs and pianos. Gradually, we progressed into providing lessons for various musical instruments. Since then, we have widened our reach to the public by conducting classes at various community clubs and residents’ committee across Singapore.



Latest News

  • Hiring! We are looking for teachers to teach in various parts of Singapore. Interested? Please email lowreymusic@gmail.com

Piano Lessons

Our piano courses are conducted on an individual basis and are able to cater to the student’s pace of learning. Lesson content can also be adjusted to suit the student’s preference and interest while at the same time developing a strong foundation in musical knowledge and skills. Students can choose between graded piano lessons and leisure play lessons.

Violin Lessons

Our violin courses are conducted on an individual basis and help students develop a strong foundation in musical knowledge and skills. The course prepares learners interested in certification to sit for violin examinations with the Associated Board of the Royal Schools of Music (ABRSM).

Guitar Lessons

Our guitar courses are conducted in small groups of up to 6 students in a class. Learners need not be of the same level to be in the same group as our trainers teach each student individually while the rest practice.

Music Theory Lessons

Music theory is the study of the fundamental elements of music; how music is written and played. Students will learn about rhythm, harmony, composition and have knowledge about western classical composers and the characteristics of the different style of music in each period. Studying music theory helps learners to be more well-rounded musicians and enhances music performance.

Carl Steinberg

Carl Steinberg is a brand of piano manufactured in China by Yichang Jinbao Musical Instrument Manufacturing Company, one of the world’s top piano manufacturers. Featuring a well-balanced sound with an even and rounded tone, these pianos are a personal favourite of our piano tuner with more than 20 years of experience.


Harrodser is a piano brand with more than 100 years of history. The first Harrodser piano was handmade in Germany in 1840. In the 1930s, a factory was founded to manufacture Harrodser pianos with annual production reaching 550. Today, Harrodser piano is assembled using quality parts imported from Germany under a partnership with China Lingjiang piano company. Having paid particular focus on piano manufacturing technology and R&D, the pianos have won the respect and praise of piano manufacturing experts and musicians all over the world. Harrodser pianos tend to have a mellower sound while the bass is rich without being jarring.


Schonbrunn piano was established in Eisenberg, Germany in 1877. It is currently made in China by Yichang Jinbao Musical Instrument Manufacturing Company, one of the world’s top piano manufacturers. Schonbrunn pianos are crafted with meticulous attention to details, under the guidance of European piano makers. While maintaining traditional German piano-making techniques, the company has also continually seek to innovate and incorporate new ideas in its piano designs. Schonbrunn pianos boost a wam and rich tone with a touch that is suitable for both the advanced learner and young beginners.


Schumann pianos are manufactured in Nanjing, China by Nanjing Moutrie Piano Co. Ltd. which has won awards for their well-made pianos. Established since 1955, the factory has produced more than 10,000 pianos to date. The pianos are distributed to Europe, America and Southeast Asia. With the cooperation of German and Austrian piano craftsmen and a ISO 9001 quality management standard, Schumann pianos are assured to be of high quality and value. Schumann pianos feature a bright and vibrant sound on the treble with a rich bass.