Harrodser is a piano brand with more than 100 years of history. The first Harrodser piano was handmade in Germany in 1840. In the 1930s, a factory was founded to manufacture Harrodser pianos with annual production reaching 550. Today, Harrodser piano is assembled using quality parts imported from Germany under a partnership with China Lingjiang piano company. Having paid particular focus on piano manufacturing technology and R&D, the pianos have won the respect and praise of piano manufacturing experts and musicians all over the world. Harrodser pianos tend to have a mellower sound while the bass is rich without being jarring.


Brand: Harrodser

The H – 5 has sleek and clean lines that is aesthetically appealing. Sound quality is balanced and mellow.


Brand: Harrodser

The H – 1 is an economical choice for young pianists. The piano has a balanced touch and produces a relatively bright sound.