Brand: Harrodser

Dimensions: 121 x 144 x 60 (cm) (H x W x D)
The H – 1 is an economical choice for young pianists. The piano produces a relatively bright sound with a balanced touch. 
Integrated slow-fall system.
The Harrodser piano is made using quality parts imported from Germany.

More Info

DEHONIT Pin Block 19 layers of selected beech wood provides a stable position for the piano string spindle pin.
Ebony Black Keys Made of Indonesia ebony, smooth and glossy with an irreplaceable touch.
Harrodser Action All solid wood action. 8800 parts of the piano match precisely. Keys can be played 13 times per second.
ROSLAU String The best piano string in Germany with 130 years of history. Excellent anti-corrosion treatment that prolongs the service life by 50%.
Germany ABEL Hammer Selected pure wool and exquisite manual polishing facilitate the unique sound quality of the Harrodser piano.
STRUNZ Soundboard Germany’s top-level soundboard made of spruce wood. Variable thickness soundboard creates optimal volumes when in play.