Rules & Regulations

  1. * A new student who enrols for a course will have to pay the course fee, a registration fee of S$25 and a deposit of S$75 (from 2012). Course fees and registration fees are non-refundable. 
  2. * Students who do not resume their classes after stopping temporarily will have their deposit forfeited.
  3. * There will be 9 lessons per term and 1 add-on opportunity to participate in annual school recital.
  4. For students who are stopping temporarily or terminating lessons and new students who are enrolling in the middle of the term, lesson fees will be prorated based on 9 lessons per term (10 lessons per term for CC students). 
  5. Subsequent term fees must be paid in full within the first week of the term. A surcharge of S$10 will be imposed on students who pay their fees late. 
  6. Student who wishes to terminate or temporarily stop his/her lessons is required to inform the school ONE MONTH in advance. Student who fails to do so will have to pay the fees for the following term. * The deposit will also be forfeited at the same time.
  7. Student is advised to attend lessons regularly and punctually. There will be no replacement lesson for any student who is absent or late for lessons. Students who are able to present a valid medical certificate from a doctor AND also inform the school prior to their absence will be given replacement class. Lessons missed will not be replaced in the form of extending the lesson term or refund of school fees. Each student can apply for a maximum of 3 replacement lessons a year.
  8. * Any student who stops lessons for one term or more will be required to re-enrol and pay registration fee. However, if a student wishes to secure the same lesson time, the fees for the term(s) of absence must be paid in advance. 
  9. The school reserves the rights to cancel and/or make changes to a class or a replacement lesson e.g. change date, time and/or teacher. 
  10. Please keep the School informed of any changes in address or telephone number so as to facilitate communication when the need arises.
    * Not Applicable for CC students


  1. * 在报名时,请缴清学费及报名费S$25, 所缴交之费是不能退还的。从2012年起,所有新生需要缴交S$75按柜金。
  2. * 学生若在暂停之后没有恢复音乐课程,按柜金将会被没收。
  3. * LMS 学生上课次数是每学期9次,附加每年参加1次学生演奏会。上课日期请参阅校历。
  4. 凡新报名或要暂停或要退学的学生,学费将会根据上课次数除以9课来计算。(CC学生根据上课次数除以 10课来计算。)
  5. 请在每学期的首个星期或之前缴交学费。若迟交将被罚款S$10。
  6. 学生若要退学或暂停请提前一个月书面通知,否则须赔偿一个月的学费,* 同时按柜金也将被没收。
  7. 学生必须准时来上课,迟到或缺课将不能获得补课。若有病假单,而又能提早通知校方,则被允许补课。校方有权另行安排补课日期,时间以及补课的老师。所缺的课不能用延长学期或退学费来代替。每年最多可申请补课3次。
  8. *在暂停一个学期或以上之后,学生在课程继续时须重新报名及缴交报名费。若要保留原有上课时间,必须先缴清暂停期间的学费。
  9. 校方有权转移,合并或解散任何班级,以及更换教师和安排因教师缺席的补课时间。
  10. 学生若更换地址及电话,必须通知校方以方便必要时校方能与学生取得联系。
    * 联络所学生不适用,其他章程请音乐学校及联络所学生遵守。