Brand: Schumann

Dimension: 132 x 154 x 64 cm (H x W x D)
Schumann Piano flagship product
Equipped with agraffe to ensure stability and brilliance of tone
Clear and bright tone on the treble is perfectly complimented by the deep and stately base tones to produce a rich, pure and robust sound
Natural and smooth transition between the treble and base tones
Sensitive touch for greater flexibility and control when playing
Integrated slow-fall device 

More Info

String German ROSLAU strings - one of the best in the market for durability
Hammer Made with ABEL hammerhead and VFG felt from Germany for wide range of tone.
Soundboard Spruce from Changbai Mountain. Underwent at least 5 years of dehumidifying process.
Paint work Imported paint, high shine and scratch resistant
Iron frame Special design for strength and stability of sound
Action German parts together with Hainsworth felt imported from England that are designed to improve touch sensitivity.
Factory tuning Piano only leaves the factory after 8 times of tuning