Pianos for Sale

At Lowrey Music School, we carry 4 different brands of pianos. With a wide range of models of different height and design, featuring sound quality that varies from bright to mellow, we are confident that you will find one that suits your needs and preferences. Apart from the sale of pianos, we also have pianos for rental. All of these pianos are available for viewing at our Tampines school. We also sell music books and accessories like piano covers and Wittner metronomes.


The piano produces a well-balanced sound with an even and well-rounded tone - a personal favourite of our piano tuner with more than 20 years of experience.


A piano that does not compromise quality with price. Features a rich and mellow sound.

XO – 1

Brand: Schonbrunn

The XO – 1 has a beautiful tone despite being the smallest model out of the 3 models of Schonbrunn pianos that we carry. XO - 1 is under the Crown series of pianos with soundboards imported from Germany and carbon fibre action. Together with the XO – 126, these 2 models are excellent options for pianists looking for a softer and warmer sound.

K1 - 122

Brand: Schumann

A suitable option for pianists looking for a mid-range and slightly taller piano.